ABOUT The Last Word

Founded in 1979, THE LAST WORD provides classroom training and interactive training CDs to the CRM community. Our focus is on GoldMine from FrontRange Solutions.

We've been using, training and developing for GoldMine since it was first released in the early 1990s. We were the very first company to produce certified training materials, and the first and only company to develop interactive CD-ROM training based on our time-tested classroom lessons. Our CDs are still the only product on the market offering this level of interactivity and expertise.

Founder and award-winning trainer Frances Swanson devised, and still lends her voice to, our interactive training. The training was written, designed and programmed in-house by Jeff Swanson, who has run THE LAST WORD since Frances' retirement in 2002.

Our GoldMine expertise helps you zero in on the nitty-gritty of GoldMine to get you up and running fast. From the very basics to the deep zen, our CDs are designed to function like a classroom situation and turn you into an expert with relatively little time and energy invested. Our courses can take the place of an entire training staff, freeing up you and your employees for the more important tasks of selling, client contact, and growing your business.


A Message From Frances Swanson