ADVANCED Premium Edition 8.0 CD LESSONS (38 Lessons) 
Advanced Filters
   Filter Expressions
   Creating A Complex Filter
   Editing A Filter
   Drill Down
   Filter Limits

   Using Groups
   Adding A Member
   Using Filters To Add Members
   Creating A Group From A Filter
   Creating A Group From Activities
   Creating a Group From a SQL Query

   Scheduling To-do Actions
   Scheduling Recurring Activities
   Displaying Multiple Users
   Scheduling An Event
   The Peg Board
   Scheduling For Multiple Contacts
   Scheduling Meeting Requests

Advanced Correspondence
   Making A Word Letter Template
   Merging To A Group
   Copying Contact Details

Literature Fulfillment
   Scheduling A Literature Request
   Fulfilling A Literature Request
   The Literature List

   Sending A Phone Message
   Receiving A Phone Message

Advanced E-Mail
   E-Mail Options
   E-Mail Rules
   E-Mail Templates
   Merging E-Mail

Advanced Reports
   Creating A New Report
   Report Basics
   Adding Fields To The Detail Section
   Dressing Up Your Report
   Copying A Report

Opportunity/Project Management
   Creating A New Opportunity
   Players And Tasks
   Creating An Opportunity Template