Setting Up GoldMine Users
	Adding A New User
	Record Ownership And Curtaining
	Setting Access Rights
	User Groups
	Creating A User Template

User Preferences
	Setting Preferences
	The Personal And Record Folders
	The Lookup And Toolbar Folders
	The Pager And Misc Folders
	The Login Folder
	The Calendar Folder
	The Schedule And Alarms Folders

The Internet
	The Modem And Internet Folders
	The Composing And Retrieval Folders
	The Accounts Folder
	The E-mail Center & Advanced Folders

Using The InfoCenter
	Navigating The InfoCenter
	Working With The InfoCenter
	Attaching A File
	Searching The InfoCenter
	InfoCenter Import/Export
	Record Alerts

	Transferring Contacts
	Creating A Transfer Set
	Retrieving A Transfer Set
	Notebook Sync: On The Network
	Notebook Sync: On The Notebook
	Palm/Visor Synchronization
	Outlook Synchronization

Customizing GoldMine
	Lookup Window Settings
	Expanded Detail Records
	Setting Up Detail Tabs & Field Labels
	Creating Custom Fields
	Defining A Screen
	Creating A Custom Screen

Customizing Toolbars
	Creating A New Toolbar
	Working With Toolbar Icons
	Recording A Toolbar Macro
	Deleting A Toolbar Macro

Automated Processes
	Automated Processes Explained
	Creating A Track
	Attaching Tracks To Contacts
	Executing A Track
	Scheduling An Activity
	Scheduling A Followup Call
	Adding A Branch
	Removing A Track
	Executing Your New Track

Data Maintenance
	The Merge/Purge Wizard
	Merging Visible Records
	Global Replace
	Territory Realignment
	GoldMine System Logs
	Backup & Restore

Importing & Exporting
	File Formats
	Exporting ASCII Delimited Files
	Exporting DBF Files
	Creating An Import Profile

Telemarketing Scripts
	Branching Scripts
	Creating A Branching Script
	Running Your New Branching Script

The License Manager
	GoldMine License Types
	A Licensing Scenario
	Creating A Site License
	Creating Undocked Users

INI Files
	Using The LOOKUP.INI File

HTML Features
	The GM+View Tab
	My GoldMine

The Background
	Modifying the Background
	Adding A Logo
	Adding Background Text

The Taskbar
	Task Items
	Task Groups