INTRO 6.0 CD LESSONS (43 Lessons)

Getting Acquainted
	Launching GoldMine
	GoldMine's Look And Feel

Adding Records
	Creating A New Contact
	Lookup Windows
	The ZIP Code Database
	The Tab Bar
	Duplicate Records

Finding Contacts
	Moving Around
	The Contact Search Center
	Sorting Contacts
	Text Search

Contact Maintenance
	Editing Contacts
	Additional Contacts
	Detail Records
	Deleting Contacts
	Using Notes

	The Calendar
	The Activity List
	Before The Call
	The Phone Call
	My GoldMine

	Scheduling A Call
	Scheduling An Appointment
	Scheduling From The Calendar
	Completing An Appointment
	Scheduling A Forecasted Sale

Introduction To Filters
	Using Filters
	Creating A Filter
	Creating A History Filter
	Record Tagging

	Printing Letters With Word  
	Document Links  

	Adding An E-Mail Address
	The E-Mail Center
	Reading And Sending E-Mail

Introduction To Reports
	Printing Reports
	Reports And Filters
	Report Sorts

The Organizational Chart
	Using The Org Chart
	Managing Events
	Adding A New Section
	Replicating Data
	Activating And Releasing A Section