Try these Flash demos of our interactive training CDs, and see how easy it is to learn!

Introduction to GoldMine Premium Edition 8.0
View this demo at 1280x1024 resolution. The demo and course are 1024x768 resolution -- 1280x1024 shows the full screen in your browser.

Introduction to GoldMine 6.5
View this demo at 1024x768 resolution. The demo and course are 800x600 resolution -- 1024x768 shows the full screen in your browser.

NOTE: Because of the limitations of Flash, these demos show an approximation of the actual display. The actual training itself is identical to the GoldMine displays.

Courseware Student Guide Sample

This file (in Adobe PDF format) contains selected material from the opening pages of our Introduction to GoldMine 8.0 student guide. Here you'll see the conventions our courseware uses, and the simple and direct approach of our classroom training. View this file online, or save it to your computer. (<400k file.)

You can also download and install this demo lesson, a no-frills sample of the learning experience you'll receive in each lesson of our CD training.