From selected lesson lineups to complete custom systems!

One of the real challenges in selling and training GoldMine is the need to create custom training for a company, sometimes with their own screens, procedures and data. Wouldn't it be great if you could have a proven training system specially customized for you? TLW provides custom training in either CD lesson format or paper student guide format.

We have many levels of customization available to suit your needs. The simplest —custom lesson lineups from among our 3 CDs — can be delivered very quickly. The most elaborate — custom syllabus with the company's procedures, screens and data — requires a little more lead time, but can be done for much less than you'd think.

And you'll love our custom paper student guides consisting of only the lessons you need, designed for use with or without exercise files, and branded with the logo of your choice!

Need a brand new lesson on a feature, tweak, or workaround? Need a lesson for a complex installation or configuration procedure? Need a demo lesson to show a large company what you can do for their system? The applications are limited only by your imagination!

If you're rolling out GoldMine for any size company, you'll find customized training from The Last Word — on paper or CD — far more cost effective than building a course from scratch. And, you'll have the advantage of knowing you're using a time-tested, effective, easy-to-use system that's been taught in classrooms all over the world!

Call us now for more information on the training solutions we can design for you!