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Three levels of training -- Intro, Advanced & System Administration.

These student guides are designed to be used with instructor-led training in a classroom setting. Step-by-step, they teach important GoldMine fundamentals using a scenario-based approach.

You can also use our course books on your own, without a trainer, to learn GoldMine -- and keep them as a handy feature reference!

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Intro 8.0
Advanced 8.0
System Administration

Intro 6.5

Advanced 6.5
System Administration 6.5

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earlier versions also available

For GoldMine 6.6, 6.7 or 7.x training, use the GoldMine 6.5 student guides and materials.

Our student guides are liberally illustrated with crisp screenshots, and sprinkled with tips and tricks pointing out gotchas and important information a student needs to know. Bound so they'll lay flat, leaving hands free for hands-on exercises, the student guides show exactly what the student will see on the screen when working with the exercise files.

In addition, lessons are modular -- so no lesson depends on information input in any other lesson. This means you can teach the entire level as a unit -- or you can pick and choose only the lessons your clients need, while keeping course flow and preserving the screen displays illustrated in the book.

Our easy setup program installs data files directly into your "just-for-training" copy of GoldMine. No further configuration is needed (except for additional features you may wish to demonstrate). Need to teach the course again? Just re-install the exercise files, and they're ready to teach -- no other setup or data manipulation is required.

And if you're a student on your own, you don't even need the exercise files -- use the lessons in the student guides to learn what you need to know, and check your progress against the screenshots displayed.

This courseware follows our interactive CD training closely, so, it makes a great supplement to the CDs -- and the CD training makes a great refresher for your instructor-led classes!

Instructor kits are available for the Intro and Advanced courses. These include installation and setup instructions and detailed notes on teaching the text. Each instructor kit includes a 3.5" disk containing exercise files and an easy-to-use install program.


Back in GoldMine's early days, one company recognized GoldMine's potential and created an entire curriculum of classroom training. That company was TLW, and our training, developed and refined in classrooms over the years, is available to you today!

From Fortune 500 companies to home-based businesses, people all over the world have learned GoldMine the TLW way. We've even taught new GoldMine employees how to work their own product -- a true testament to our unique approach and the ease of use of our courseware!