Interactive learning software for GoldMine

Nothing less than the best way to get up and running with GoldMine!

Our interactive training uses a unique GoldMine simulation, where you learn GoldMine feature by feature, lesson by lesson. Because it's independent of GoldMine, your regular data is secure -- and, you can take the course anywhere, to learn GoldMine at your convenience!

Like a classroom on a disk, our CDs guide you step-by-step through GoldMine's features, from the simplest to the most advanced --
turning you into a power user in no time flat!

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Intro Premium Edition 8.0
Advanced Premium Edition 8.0
Intro 6.5
Advanced 6.5
System Administration 6.5
Intro 6.0
Advanced 6.0
System Administration 6.0
5.7 New Features
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earlier versions also available

GoldMine Premium 8.x or 9 training uses the GoldMine 8.0 CD series.
GoldMine 6.6, 6.7 or 7.x training uses the GoldMine 6.5 CD series.
For GoldMine 5.7 training, order the 5.5 CD series and the 5.7 New Features CD.

NOTE: Training CDs are designed for 32-bit systems or 64-bit systems with installed 32-bit compatibility

Not videos. Not slide shows. Not Flash animations. With our CDs, you don't play "watch, then try to remember" -- with our CDs, you learn by doing.

This is what interactivity is all about. A classroom training session with an expert trainer is the best way to learn GoldMine -- and this is exactly what you get with our GoldMine training CDs . . . at a fraction of the cost of instructor-led training, and with the convenience and portability of a CD.

Go over any feature as many times as you wish. Stop at any time, then pick up where you left off. Test what you've learned with handy review questions after every lesson. Audio on every step from our expert trainers.

Some of the ways our clients use our GoldMine training CDs:

Since our GoldMine training CDs follow our course books so closely, you can use the student guide as a reference for the things you've learned.
Check out our Courseware page for more information on our student guides.


In 1995, after we'd been teaching GoldMine in classrooms for years, we decided to take that same experience and turn it into convenient, self-guided learning software.

Using our trainer-led courses as our guide, we designed an interactive training system in-house, from the ground up. Programmed by course writer Jeff Swanson, our GoldMine training CDs quickly became your solution of choice for GoldMine training.

Today, 30 disks and ten GoldMine versions later, our GoldMine training CD is still the only system of its kind. No other company has created such a comprehensive and robust training system for any product -- and needless to say, it's the only one for GoldMine!